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Tom W. Davis Tower

The Tom W. Davis Tower is made possible by a gift of $1.4 million by Tom W. Davis. It will be in the Town Square section of the new North District in front of the new recreation center, serving as an iconic landmark and anchor of the area. We expect "Meet me at the tower" to become a familiar phrase.

Mr. Davis, a Zanesville, OH native, is a successful member of the business community and has worked extensively in banking, real estate and transportation and logistics. Mr. Davis has been a strong advocate and supporter for the Office of Student Life and the Department of Athletics at Ohio State for many years.

The Tower will be 75 feet tall. On the side facing the Town Square, it will have both a clock and a 20 foot wide and 40 foot tall video screen. Although the screen will not be used for live presentations, it will be used for messages of interest to students. There will be a beacon at the top so you can see if from much of the North District.

The area under the tower will serve as an informal gathering place for students. Historic cartouches (see below) will be on each leg of the tower along with engraved panels that highlight various historical points of interest.


During the 2009 renovation of the Oxley Thompson Library, four carved limestone cartouches were removed from the Main Library's 1912 West Façade and stored by the university. At the time of the renovation the original 1912 West façade was actually inside the library, the 1950 addition to the west of the building having enclosed them in the west atrium. The four cartouches have exact duplicates on the east façade, which are still there today in their original location.

They are approximately 40" wide and 48" tall. Each one is individually carved in Indiana Limestone, representing:

1.          Great Seal of the United States, Eagle with Arrows and Olive Branch, e pluribus    unum, "out of many, one"

2.          Great Seal of the Northwest Territory, Meliorem lapsa locavit. "He has planted one better than the one fallen"

3.          Great Seal of the State of Ohio

4.          Great Seal of The Ohio State University

The term cartouche is used because of their oval form and surrounding ornamentation.

About Tom W. Davis

Tom W. Davis was born in Zanesville, OH and graduated from Zanesville High School in 1957. Upon graduation he moved to Fort Worth, TX, to join the Air Force from 1957-1961. Mr. Davis returned to Zanesville after his time in the Air Force where he began careers with several companies and became the top real estate agent in his area. He then moved to Detroit, MI, working in logistics for Spiegel's catalogue. After several promotions, Tom returned to his home in central Ohio. Tom established the United Pool Distribution (UPD), a transportation and logistics company, headquartered in Columbus.

Tom values his time with friends and family, especially his godchildren. For over thirty years, Tom W. Davis has supported students at The Ohio State University through scholarships and facility support. He has donated to over fifteen different scholarships and facilities funds throughout the university - including Athletics and the Office of Student Life. The $1.4 million donation for the Tom W. Davis Tower is his most recent contribution to the university.










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