Coca-Cola Beverage Donations

The Coca-Cola Donation Program provides free Coca-Cola beverages for campus events and is intended to refresh the campus by providing the highest quality beverages, service, and positive community participation. Review the program eligibility, guidelines and process for full details.

Program Eligibility

  • Requestor must be a student organization, university department, or a non-university group hosting an event on-campus 
  • Events must be held on-campus or on Ohio State property 
  • The form must be submitted at least 22 days in advance, though you may submit requests up to 3 months in advance. 
  • Donations are intended for special events, not recurring meetings

Program Guidelines

  1. The donation request form must be filled out completely and submitted online at least 22 days prior to the event.
  2. Donations are intended for on-campus events, not meetings.
  3. Priority will be given to those events where the majority of attendees are Ohio State students. Allocations to events for faculty, staff, alumni and community members will be limited.
  4. The event must be open to the general student population. Events for members of a specific group only may be denied or may receive a smaller allocation. Each event date should be submitted separately.
  5. Beverages will be allocated up to one beverage per attendee per event. Attendance estimates must be reasonable. Due to program constraints, it is not always possible to allocate the full amount requested.
  6. Allocation decisions may favor those with fewer other resource options.
  7. Allocation decisions may favor efforts in support of university stated priorities.
  8. Beverages will be delivered to central pick-up locations on campus. It is not possible to arrange an alternate delivery location.
  9. Beverages are not chilled, and ice and cups are not provided.

Program Process

Upon completing the online request form, you will receive an automated email with the content of your request. This does not constitute an approval of your request.

Within one week of submitting your request, you will receive an approval email with the total number of beverages/ cases and the type of product you have been approved to receive.

You will receive an email with pick-up details in the week that your product will be delivered, typically on Monday.

Contact Us

With questions or for more information, please contact Cassie Smith at or 614-292-8763.

Coca-Cola Beverage Donation Request

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Product Preference

Please note that the following breakdown will assist in determining the final donation breakdown. All products come only in cases of 24 and cannot be broken down into smaller amounts. Requests for Powerade are subject to flavor availability – our default flavor is Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, though it is subject to availability and beyond our control if our supplier does not have that flavor in stock. Please enter the numeric quantity of cases you would like to request below (please put 0 for everything else):

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