Coca-Cola Beverage Donations

Important Announcement: Starting August 1, 2021, all donation requests must be submitted at least 22 days prior to your event. Product can still be requested as early as 60 days from your event.

Coca-Cola beverages are available for groups that qualify. They are intended to enhance the programs that groups put on and to improve the student experience on campus. In order to have Coca-Cola products available at your next event, please read the guidelines and notifications before submitting the request form.

If guidelines are followed, the budget permits and the university approves, Coca-Cola can provide the following:

  1. Donated beverages (including Dasani bottled water and Powerade) at your events (limited generally to one per person in attendance). Ice and cups are not provided.
  2. In some instances, major events or programs with particularly high positive impact are specially endorsed (e.g., Beat Michigan Week) and can receive assistance beyond that mentioned above.


  1. The donation request form must be filled out completely and submitted online at least 22 days prior to the event to allow approved support to be reliably provided. Requests will be denied if not received according to the specified timeline.
  2. Once the request is approved, please work with Johnnie Jordan, campus Coca-Cola representative, on the details of your event (
  3. If there is unused product, please contact Johnnie Jordan so that extra beverages can benefit other groups in the future.
  4. Overall, 90% of product donations will go to students. Therefore, allocations to faculty, staff and alumni events will be limited.
  5. The event must be open to the general student population or all of an intended population such as students, faculty, or staff in a particular area. The broader the impact and attendance, the more likely the event will be approved.
  6. Donations are only for events and NOT meetings.
  7. While an event might be approved to receive support, that support may be limited so that allocations overall do not exceed the budget.
  8. Decisions may favor those with fewer other resource options.
  9. Decisions may favor efforts in support of the university's stated priorities such as diversity and outreach.
  10. The event must be sponsored by a student group or by a college or departmental office on behalf of students, staff, or faculty, or by an off-campus group producing an event on campus for the benefit of a university constituency.
  11. The event must be on or near campus.
  12. Product donation can be approved up to one serving per person attending the event. The attendance estimate must be reasonable.
  13. Larger amounts of beverages may be delivered to your site, while recipients will be asked to pick up smaller amounts at centralized locations.


  1. Upon completing the request form online, you will receive an automated copy of your request. This does not constitute an approval or confirmation of your order.
  2. Within 2 weeks of your event, you will receive an approval e-mail from the Office of Student Life with a total beverage donation approval, denial, and any additional information. Note: a product breakdown will not be provided in this e-mail.
  3. Within a few days of your event (typically at the end of the week before your event), you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the specific results of your request. You will receive product breakdown and final delivery information. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Student Leadership and Service at 614-292-8763 or Johnnie Jordan at


The mission of The Ohio State University/Coca-Cola beverage relationship is to refresh the campus by providing the highest quality beverages, service, and positive community participation.

In order to be eligible for products, you must complete and submit this form at least 22 days prior to your event.

Coca-Cola Beverage Donation Request

Event Information

Contact Information

Event Specifics

Product Preference

Please note that the following breakdown will assist in determining the final donation breakdown. All products come only in cases of 24 and cannot be broken down into smaller amounts. Please enter the numeric quantity of cases you would like to request below (please put 0 for everything else):

10 oz Bottles

12 oz Can

12 oz Bottles

16.9 oz Bottles

Description (brief summary):

Delivery Location

Please specify a delivery location and delivery day (the only delivery locations available during Summer are the RPAC and Union):

For orders of 15 cases or more: Please provide an alternate delivery location that is accessible on weekdays (Monday-Friday) during the hours of 8 AM to 3 PM and is an on-campus location. There must be a location to drop off the product where it can be stored until the time of the event (front desk, storage closet, lobby area, etc.). Coca-Cola cannot deliver to outdoor locations. Please specify a date and time, specific building and room number. Someone must be there to accept/sign for the product to get delivered.