Today's Update: Friday, February 23, 2024

February 23, 2024

Dear Student Life team,


Happy High Five Friday! 

We certainly had plenty of Buckeye Love over the past few weeks. Last Friday I included some High Fives for those who helped make it possible, and promised I would have more today. I certainly do have more Buckeye Love High Fives to hand out!  

So, High Fives to.... 

Buckeye Love luncheon: Natalie Hornback, Isabel Biasella, Candyce Williams and Lori Green. 

Buckeye Love material distribution: Aubrie Smith, John Cronin, Daren Lehman, Drew Stark, Joe Hast, Isabel Biasella, Jenn Miller and Jeremy Gabis. 

Buckeye Love Heart Project for Health Center Pharmacy: Jen Vandemark, Isabel Biasella, Candyce Williams, Mary Beth Baker, Gladys Gibbs, Peggy Butauski and the Health Center pharmacy staff. 

Buckeye Love Cookies: Aaron Moore, Tiffany Quattlebaum, Hannah Warner and Isabel Biasella. 

Buckeye Love Birthday Backpack project: Candyce Williams, Isabel Biasella, Adrienne Gladish, Aubrie Smith, John Cronin, Drew Stark, Joe Hast, Stacy Smith, Caleb Bench, Shelli Shoemaker, Zach Hurley, Alnuel Barnum, Paul O’Leary, Zach Redecker, Ahmed Hosni, Arianna Camel, Re’Nesha Weston, Adrienne Moetanalo, Nick Fowler, Mindy Clagg and Stacy Renker. 

Buckeye Love Yard Signs: Daren Lehman, Isabel Biasella, Dave DeAngelo, John Cronin, Joe Hast and Drew Stark. 

Buckeye Love to Regional Campuses: John Cronin, Drew Stark, Matt Couch, Joe Hast and Daren Lehman. 

Buckeyethon Buckeye Love service project: Kristen Rupert Davis and Jayden Messer 

Buckeye Love surprise pizza deliveries to classes: Daren Lehman, Sean Stewart, Morgan Hammonds, Aisha Echols, J Randall Hicks, Adrienne Gladish, Lori Green and Dave DeAngelo. 

Buckeye Love Rovers: Kristin Smith, Nate Darder and Zia Ahmed. 

Buckeye Love/OUAB Valentine’s Day crafternoon: Tonya Dawson and Krystal Vielman. 

Buckeye Love surprise on buses: Kristin Smith, Daren Lehman, Aubrie Smith, Sean Stewart, Isabel Biasella, Morgan Hammonds, Sam Bradway, Kim Traverse, Thyrone Henderson, Rachel DeMooy, Rochelle Toth, Chris Antjas, Hal Tedrow, Regan Grygiel, Dave Isaacs, Kristen Rupert Davis, Heidi Aune, Aisha Echols, Teri Cugliari, Jennifer Nelson, David Ternier, Amy Young, Adrienne Gladish and Kathie Serif. 

Coke Hug Machine: Kristin Smith, Sean Stewart, Adrienne Gladish, Lindsey Boyd, Matthew D’Oyly and Colleen Lins. 

Buckeye Love Nike Distribution: Dave DeAngelo, Adrienne Gladish, Paul Kraemer, Laura Lewis, Tonya Dawson, Akua Nelson, Isabel Biasella, Jen Chilman, Nick Fowler, Mary Beth Baker, Erin McAlhaney, Stacey Renker, Kristin Van Gundy, Amy Young, Teri Cugliari, Tanisha Jenkins, Eddie Labid, Laura Lewis, Jeff Pelletier, Sean Stewart, Beth Ullum, Jen Vandemark, Angie Wellman, Daren Lehman, Jen Miller, Lori Green and Anne McDaniel. 

Other Buckeye Love support: Qualtrics Wizard Anne McDaniel, Marketing and Communications help from Jen Vandemark, Rachel Conners, Travis Barnhart, Aisha Echols, Dave Isaacs and Kellie Uhrig.  

I told you there were a lot of events, and a lot of BuckeyeLove! I’ll repeat one from last week—High Five to Track Stuck for organizing and orchestrating all of this love.  

High Five to the Center for the Study of Student Life’s Tori Rehr for appearing on the podcast “Assessment Shared Stories” in her role as chair of the ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation. The podcast is on the future of student affairs assessment, and you can listen online.  

A colleague suggests a High Five to the Ohio Union Operations and AV teams for going above and beyond with their event load lately. They said, “Between Dance Marathon, Taste of OSU and countless other meetings and events, these two teams have not STOPPED!” Your work does not go unnoticed. 

High Five to Anna Wagner and Kala Coyan-McClure for a BIG assist with printing applications for a team member. 

Mackenzie Hogan gets a High Five as the University Staff Advisory Committee’s Staff Spotlight winner for February. 

High Five to Stacy Smith, who went above and beyond by spending nearly an hour this afternoon with a student prospect and his mother answering their questions and connecting them to the right people.  

Amy Livchak at Ohio State Lima gets a High Five for a successful Peanut Butter Bash. This is the 18th year for the program, and the Bash made WLIO TV. You get High Five points if you know why a Peanut Butter Bash is significant for Black History Month, and bonus points if you know why George Washington Carver now has special significance for Ohio State.  

Have a Scarlet and Great weekend!  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD 
Senior Vice President for Student Life  
The Ohio State University