In a Nutshell: April 18, 2023

April 18, 2023

Dear Partners in Student Success, 

As the academic year comes to a close, I want to thank you for your ongoing partnership and dedication to Ohio State students. I am Scarlet and Grateful for our collaboration. Here are a few updates and bits of information I hope you find helpful as we close out the semester. 


What’s in this edition: 

  • Test Anxiety 
  • Voter Friendly Campus 
  • Graduation Survey 
  • Textbook Exchange Network 
  • Orientation 
  • Summer in Cbus  


Test Anxiety 
Text Anxiety is common among college students, and students often reach out for support. As with any concern, students experience anxiety differently and to varying degrees. It’s helpful for students to think about themselves holistically and consider multiple stress points they have. Is it the exam itself that is causing anxiety? Could there be multiple factors impacting the student’s day-to-day stress levels? Getting to the root of the anxiety is helpful.  

This video explains how test anxiety happens and strategies to address it. 

If a student is looking to talk with someone about managing test anxiety, here are some options on campus: 


Voter Friendly Campus  
Ohio State has been named a 2023-2024 Voter Friendly Campus for efforts to empower students with the information and tools they need to vote and participate in the political process. The Voter Friendly Campus designation program is a partnership between the Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project and NASPA’s (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) LEAD Initiative. The honor is in part thanks to the effort by Student Life’s OSU Votes cohort and Student Life’s Leadership and Community Engagement department. 


Graduation Survey 
Student Life is interested in learning more about spring 2023 graduates’ experiences at Ohio State. The Ohio State Graduation Survey has been emailed to students and will be open until May 7. Please encourage students to complete the survey. The valuable feedback will help enhance the student experience for future Buckeyes. For more information, please visit Please contact with any questions.   


Textbook Exchange Network 
Undergraduate Student Government has initiated the Textbook Exchange Network for students looking for an inexpensive source to buy or sell textbooks. Upon registration with the Network, students can buy and sell textbooks based on their semester needs, with full profits going towards the students themselves. Tabling to collect used textbooks for sale will be in the Ohio Union this week through Friday, April 21. More information is online


New First-Year Student (NYFS) Orientation kicks off May 30 with the two-day sessions continuing through July 28. Some of the sessions, including Student Life’s Outside the Classroom, will be held in Mershon Auditorium. For a look at the type of content students and their families experience at that session, visit our website

Summer in Cbus 
If you know students staying in Columbus this summer looking for something to do, direct them to the College in Cbus website. There is information on entertainment, arts, sports, festivals and more, and you may even find some hidden gems you didn’t know about, too.  


Once again, thank you so much for your support and dedication to students at The Ohio State University. I’ll be back in July with more news and information In a Nutshell.  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD 

Senior Vice President for Student Life 
The Ohio State University