Council on Student Affairs


The purpose of the Council on Student Affairs is outlined in Faculty Rule 3335-5-484. As a Subcommittee of University Senate, the Council serves as the principal link between student government and the faculty and administration. The Council has the legislative authority and responsibility to make regulations pursuant to rules of the University faculty, the bylaws and the statutes insofar as they pertain to students.

The Council is also an advisory body to the Senior Vice President for Student Life. In this capacity, the Council makes recommendations to the Vice President regarding the operations of the Office of Student Life.

Through the legislative and advisory roles of the Council, students, faculty and staff deliberate and make decisions that influence the quality of student life on campus. The Council is also a forum that encourages a sense of community among students, faculty and staff.

CSA Full Committee meetings

  • 2/17/20 - Student Alumni Council Room
  • 3/23/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite
  • 4/13/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite
  • 4/27/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite

CSA Subcommittee meetings (A & B)

  • 1/27/20 - Creative Arts Room
  • 1/27/20 - Sphinx Centennial Room
  • 2/10/20 - Brutus Buckeye Room
  • 2/10/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite
  • 2/24/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite
  • 2/24/20 - Student-Alumni Council Room
  • 3/16/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite
  • 3/16/20 - Student-Alumni Council Room
  • 4/6/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite
  • 4/6/20 - Student-Alumni Council Room
  • 4/20/20 - Ohio Staters Founders Room
  • 4/20/20 - Sphinx Centennial Suite

For more information, contact the committee at