Student Life Strategic Plan

Achieving the Extraordinary: Student Life's Strategic Plan

The Office of Student Life consists of many departments, all dedicated to advancing our students’ and staff’s ability to learn, engage and thrive. Student Life believes that every student has a unique background and set of needs that drives each program and service we offer. We work with students to support them on their path to success during their time at Ohio State, inside and outside the classroom.

Our many departments provide programs and services that impact the daily lives of students. We support every Buckeye, undergraduate, graduate and professional, meeting them where they are at and connecting them with their fellow students and offerings like housing, dining, health and well-being services, belonging and inclusion programming and more.

Together, we empower our students to believe that the extraordinary is possible. We work alongside students to create the iconic Ohio State experience, fostering learning and development, enhancing the educational experience, preparing them for citizenship in a diverse global society and making impacts across campus and around the world.


To be the premier student affairs division in the country; student- and staff-centered with cross-cutting experiential learning and a dedication to being inclusive and equity-minded.


The Office of Student Life fosters students’ development, learning, well-being and sense of belonging; empowers students to achieve their academic, personal and professional goals; and prepares students to be engaged, equity-minded citizens in a global society.


Appreciation, Connection, Support, Care


Engage. Learn. Thrive.


As a premier student affairs division, The Ohio State University Office of Student Life values and fosters a campus culture that affirms the dignity of every student and staff member and their unique backgrounds, identities and experiences. Our commitment is demonstrated through our honoring of Indigenous lands, creation of accessible, engaging and equity-minded experiences, and the promotion of civic engagement in a global society. Our work is grounded in appreciation, support, connection and care, and we cultivate personal and professional skills that nurture a sense of belonging, grow empathy and compassion for others, and contribute to positive social change.