Your Student Life: The Collegiate Recovery Community

March 19, 2024

When people think of college, they often think of how TV portrays the college experience – which often includes big parties and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Assumptions are made that all students are taking part in such activities, which is far from true.  

The Ohio State University is one of a growing number of schools across the country with a Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) – a space for students who are making healthier decisions around their substance use to support one another and find solidarity in their goals. 

 Mackenzie Hogan, the Wellness Coordinator in the CRC, says “Many students who come to the CRC often share that they felt like they were alone in their struggles on campus, and having a community of peers who understand what they are going through has made all the difference to their sense of belonging.” 

Since 2013, the CRC has provided specific programming to support students in or seeking recovery so that they can thrive in their recovery and academics. The program recognizes the importance of supporting individuals to define their own pathway to recovery and connects them to resources and supports to help them reach their goals. Ben P, a current student says “I started with going to NA in Dayton, so when I found out that OSU had a student-based recovery group, it was a no brainer. I believe the CRC has been a crucial aspect of my academic and personal success following some of the hardest points of my life thus far. I am extremely grateful to have my place here on campus.” 

The 23-24 academic year is the CRC’s 10th anniversary and there has been a lot to celebrate. In December, six students were honored at the annual CRC Graduation Dinner for their accomplishment of joining the ranks of 70+ alumni who have graduated from Ohio State as members of the CRC. The program also took part in the Association of Recovery in Higher Education’s new Standardized Program Review for Collegiate Recovery Advancement. Ohio State’s CRC is one of the first ten schools to be recognized as a fully reviewed program. 

While the program is the main touch point for current and future students in recovery at The Ohio State University, it supports students from any institution in central Ohio as well. Most recently, the CRC has partnered with Columbus State Community College so students in recovery at Columbus State can attend all-recovery meetings with Ohio State students and be part of the community available at the CRC.   

You can read more about the CRC and its 10th anniversary in this online article.

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