Your Student Life: Celebrate Summer Safely (Grad/Prof)

April 28, 2021

Classes are finished! You’ve made it to the end of the academic year. You may be looking forward to internship or associate programs, clinicals, a job, research or maybe you’re just looking forward to a break from classes and responsibilities. Whatever this summer brings, it is important to always remember to take care of yourself and others no matter where you are. Some things to consider: 

Celebrate the Much-Needed Break 
This past year has been full of challenging ups and downs. It is finally time to take a breather and focus on celebrating making it through the 2020-2021 academic year. However you choose to celebrate, keep in mind these few tips for yourself and others to have the most relaxing summer ever. 

  • Take time for yourself. Celebrate by doing what you love to do most! This could be a hobby, traveling, reading a non-academic book, whatever you feel like has been put off this past year take time to engage in a favorite activity to maximize relaxation and self-care. 
  • Connect with others. Now that warmer weather is here, so is socializing outside with others. Take time to foster relationships that may have suffered this past year due to busy schedules and virtual burnout. 
  • Tech-free time. Without the demand of the academic year, now is the perfect opportunity to take some time away from screens. 
  • Choosing to drink? Eat and drink water before, during and after drinking – the summer heat combined with alcohol can cause dehydration and exhaustion if not monitored. Before you go out, plan a safe way home. The university’s Lyft Ride Smart still operates over the summer. 
  • Be an active bystander; always help someone that may be in need. 
  • Respect and adhere to local COVID guidelines. As the country is slowly opening back up, reflect on your comfort level with COVID and learn about guidelines in areas that you may be living or traveling this summer. Additionally, respect others’ comfort levels as well, the transition back to “normal” is going to be a long one – be flexible and support others in their choices. 



Mental Health Matters 
While the stressors of the academic year may be gone, it is important to proactively take care of your mental health. 

  • Get outside daily. Studies have shown that even five minutes outdoors can improve your well-being. 
  • Practice gratitude. Expressing gratitude has a positive impact on relationships as well as your physical and mental health. 
  • Prioritize yourself. Get enough sleep, be active and eat nutritious foods 
  • Set boundaries. Now is the time for down time, listen to your body and give it the break it deserves by saying no to personal and professional commitments when necessary.  
  • Many services are even more readily available to you no matter where you are due to virtual options. Visit Student Life’s Student Wellness Center and Counseling and Consultation Service websites for virtual and on-demand resources. Download and utilize the Ohio State Wellness App too.

In This 
Summer may take us further than six feet apart, potentially across the country or the world. No matter where you are, don’t forget we are still living through a pandemic.  

  • Remain physically distant in social settings.  
  • Wear a mask. 
  • Get the vaccine. Find where to go in your city  If you are local to Columbus, you can get your shot at the Schott or, for now, at the Ohio Union.  

Michaela Martin  
Assistant Director 
Student Wellness Center 
Office of Student Life