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Wellness Assessment. Your Student Life for the week of 10/20/19 (Undergrad)

  • Julia Dionne Julia Dionne

What do you think of when you hear the word “wellness?”  Does your mind automatically jump to your physical health or your mental health? Do other aspects of your life come to mind, like your finances or how your classes are going?

Here at Ohio State, we use a holistic model of wellness that includes nine dimensions: career, creative, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. We believe wellness can mean many things and can change over time. Because of this, Ohio State offers an abundance of campus resources designed to help students with each of the nine dimensions of wellness. The Office of Student Life has tool you can use to better understand your own wellness: The Wellness Assessment.

The Wellness Assessment is a short survey comprised of a series of questions that you answer to assess a range of attitudes and behaviors related to each dimension of wellness. Following the survey, you will be provided with a score for each of the nine dimensions of wellness and you will see a list of campus resources broken down by each dimension of wellness. By taking the Wellness Assessment, you will learn valuable information about yourself, and Ohio State learns more about how wellness is interrelated.

On average, Ohio State students reported relatively high scores on each dimension of wellness. Based on data collected from the Wellness Assessment during October 2018, the dimensions with the highest overall scores among undergraduate students were intellectual and environmental wellness. Within the intellectual dimension of wellness, 94.6% of undergraduate students agreed or strongly agreed that they are confident in their ability to learn new skills. Additionally, 91.3% of undergraduate students think it is important to conserve natural resources, which is related to their overall environmental wellness.

To better understand your own personal wellness, the Wellness Assessment can be accessed at


Julia Dionne, MPA

Research Analyst
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