Today's Update: Wednesday, September 23

September 23, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

As I thought about today’s update, which was originally going to be about Bucks for Charity (and you’ll receive that one in the coming days), I considered that so often over the past few months I have shared with you about my personal, and professional, desire for racial justice. So today, in light of the decision announced in the Breonna Taylor killing, I wouldn’t be bringing you my authentic self if I didn’t share my deep sense of sadness, sorrow and fear. It is not my area of expertise to debate the merits of the decisions in Louisville or in other cities around the nation, and frankly there is no sense to be made today. But as a Black woman, and as a human being, I want to say very publicly that Breonna Taylor’s death matters. More important Breonna Taylor’s LIFE matters. And all Black Lives Matter. And it was simply important for me to say that today.

Today’s update isn’t long, because in addition to feeling great pain, I am also just so tired. But please know this message is full of emotion, passion and, though it is sometimes hard to remember and maintain, hope.