Today's Update: Wednesday, October 21

October 21, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Seems hard to believe, but we are just a few weeks away from when students will move out of the residence halls. Our housing will close for winter break on the evening of Wednesday, November 25, and the last week of the semester through finals will be entirely virtual.

The Move-Out process will be very much like this year’s Move-In, only the reverse direction, with students leaving instead of arriving (and I hope with many fewer belongings!). As in the fall, we are asking students to schedule a date and time when they will move out. This will again allow us to have a physically distanced process and avoid having large numbers of people congregating at any one time. Weekly, required COVID-19 testing for residential students will continue up until students leave, which will make the week of November 16 a critical testing timeframe (more to come on that in a future update).

Move-Out will officially begin on Thursday, November 19, (although some students may leave earlier) and continue until the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 25. Our team did a great deal of work computing and modeling the amount of time it would take to facilitate everyone leaving in a safe and orderly manner.

Families are being asked not to enter the building and, instead, pick up their students at the scheduled time. We’re requesting that they take no more than 30 minutes to complete the process. They must check out at the front desk before they leave. They can keep items in their rooms over breaks, but we’ve strongly encouraged them to take their valuables.

We know that some students will have unique situations and may have a real need to stay with us over break. We’ve set up an exception process that will be reviewed by Student Life Housing on a case by case basis. Approvals will only be granted for those with extenuating circumstances. And of course graduate and professional students in apartment-style living and those in Buckeye Village will stay, as well.

To facilitate a smooth move-out, your help will be needed, so watch for volunteer opportunities. With your help, planning and attention to detail, we can make Move-Out a Scarlet and Great experience for students, their families and our Student Life team.