Today's Update: Wednesday, March 25

March 25, 2020

Dear Student Life Team:

In these uncertain times, there are a great many questions. Some cannot reasonably be answered (such as, “When will all this be over?”) but we are working diligently to answer those things that are within our control. As mentioned yesterday, I know this is a stressful time for everyone, and we are all concerned about COVID-19's potential impact on our lives, at home and at work. Please know that there are people everywhere from across the globe to right here in Columbus who are working very hard to fight this invisible invader. I urge everyone to try to remain optimistic in this trying time, and know that university leadership is working hard to keep our institution operating and contributing as the leaders that we are.  

I continue to ask that you share any other questions you may have with me, your director, supervisor or your unit’s AVP so we can help provide answers as we go along. And I pledge to continue to do my best to keep you informed as we navigate these difficult days.  

Likewise, I want to make sure that many of those answers are in one, easy-to-find place. So, thanks to Skylar Fought, we have a new website for employee FAQs. You can find it online. We will keep adding to that site as things evolve and new information is available.  

One university update that we have received today and I want to share with you is that, due to the extenuating circumstances brought about by COVID-19, the university will extend the initial Workday release by six months. This changes the deployment dates to December 2020 and January 2021. This is an example of our rapidly changing environment, because just earlier this week the project was still on schedule for the summer.  

I also received feedback that Student Life staff members would be interested in seeing some of the videos that I have posted on social media, so following is a link to a YouTube playlist where we will regularly post videos I share for students, as well as those specific to the Student Life team. And on that note, here is a special one just for you.

As we continue through each day, I encourage each of you to take a bit of time to focus on one bright spot. Mine today was the absolutely beautiful day of sunshine and birds chirping. I am guessing many of you also appreciated the signs of spring, and what we can hope are signs of renewal and positive change. As always, I remain steadfast in my believe that you all are Scarlet and Great.