Today's Update: Wednesday, June 23

June 23, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, Have you gotten your COVID vaccination yet? If so, I encourage you to report your vaccination status to the university.  

When you choose to voluntarily report your vaccine information, you help us get even closer to the traditional Ohio State experience that we all want.  

It’s an easy process. As an employee, use this simple form to share the type and date(s) of vaccination and, optionally, upload proof of vaccination. (If you are primarily a student, you can report the information through My BuckMD so your testing schedule can be reduced.)  

The information will be used for: 

  • Contact tracing, isolating/quarantining or other individual case decisions in the event of a COVID-19 exposure 

  • As aggregate data to determine the percentage of vaccinated Ohio State students, faculty and staff  

  • Making decisions on public health measures needed for the Ohio State community. 

There are strict limits on who can see the information you share. It will not be made public. Your manager and other unit leaders will not get to see it. Your individual data will only be shared with those who need it for the specific purposes I mentioned above.  

Otherwise, the information will be used for summary reports that show the overall percentage of those in the university community who have been vaccinated.  

Ohio State is reactivating for the new academic year, and we’ve seen many of the health mandates relaxed in the past few weeks. However, COVID is still out there, and we need to maintain a focus on keeping our community safe and healthy.  

In order to achieve a balance that takes into account both our desire to reactivate with our need to take needed health precautions, we need to track the transmission rates among students, faculty and staff. That information will help inform decisions on health protocols. 

I encourage you to get vaccinated, and when you do, I encourage you to report it. It’s a Scarlet and Great step toward moving to our next normal.