Today's Update: Wednesday, July 15

July 15, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

This week for Wellness Wednesday I want to focus on creative wellness. As our Student Life Student Wellness Center puts it, “The creatively well person participates in a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences as a way to appreciate the surrounding world.”  

Creativity can take many forms. It can be art or music, writing or crocheting or any number of other activities that tap into the right side of your brain. For today, my stomach is taking the lead and we’ll talk about creativity in the food you eat.  

I’ll use Student Life Dining Services as an example. Normally in the summer (COVID-19 has meant that this summer is the exception to just about everything), Chef David Wolf leads the staff in culinary training to learn new cooking styles. They explore regional culinary flavors and ingredients of Asian and African and the Middle East descent, specifically, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Israel, Iran, Turkey, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Throughout the school year you’ll see the results on their menus, including the Limited Time Offerings that feature seasonal ingredients and new dishes.  

Culinary creativity isn’t just for the professionals. If you cook at home, experiment with new ingredients and spices. My mom would be proud of the “COVID Cooking” I’ve been doing. My menu isn’t robust, but I’ve certainly added a few new twists to chicken and salmon dishes. 

Several of the area’s farmers markets are up and running. Your Plan for Health has a whole section of healthy recipes through the Virgin Plus app, including points just for browsing. If your kitchen is the most unused room in your house, I’m finding that Columbus has a wide range of restaurants representing diverse ethnic cuisines. And remember that your Student Life team Dining Discount is back this fall.  

I know I’ll never compose a symphony. But I can be creative in what I eat and cook. Creative wellness is all about being Scarlet and Great!