Today's Update: Wednesday, December 2

December 2, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, You are probably aware that we have groups of Student Life team members who check in regularly with all our students in quarantine and isolation housing to make sure they are doing well and to see if they need anything.  

That direct contact with our students is extremely important. We make sure they’re OK and learn ways we can support them. And, by reaching out we show them this big university cares of them individually.   

It’s taken a large dedication of resources to make these calls, as well as taking calls and emails from students and their families, but it’s been a vital service. It’s also produced a number of good stories from those on the front lines. 

Here are some of those tales from Student Life team members: 

  • My VERY FIRST quarantine check-in call, a student’s mother answered the phone. She was very concerned about the spread of COVID on campus and started crying a few minutes into our call. She mentioned that she and her husband were both engineers, and they wished they had more data to understand the situation. I walked her through the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes Dashboard, and after talking to her for about 20 minutes, she said she felt much better and was reassured that her son was safe and cared for. 

  • I had one student who was very worried about getting his prescriptions. As it turns out, we have runners who go back and forth to the pharmacy. He was extremely grateful.  

  • One student I called was worried about not being able to pay her rent due to not being able to work. We got her connected with student advocacy, and she was pointed towards the Student Emergency Fund.  

  • I had one student who clearly was not doing well mentally. We escalated his case to Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service immediately. When checked on later, he was doing A LOT better. 

  • I called a student in quarantine housing on the phone one day and she screamed into the phone, “I got to go outside today! It was so exciting!” 

  • One student asked me if I could keep calling him even after his isolation period was over. He sincerely looked forward to the check-ins.  

It is heart-warming to hear these stories about people who are grateful for what we are doing. I thought you’d like to see what a Scarlet and Great difference we’re making in the lives of our students. And that you might like an extra helping of gratitude to go with the leftover turkey.