Today's Update: Wednesday, December 16

December 16, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Are you doing well? There’s an app for that. 

You may know that the Ohio State Wellness App is a university wide collaboration that came as a recommendation from the Suicide and Mental Health Task Force. What you may not have known is the app isn’t just for students and that you are encouraged to download it and check out the features. I promise: you will learn something new by taking a look. 

In the app, you will find four sections: Explore, Support, My Wellness and Crisis. The Explore section features timely blog-style articles that focus on proactive approaches to mental health and wellness. The Wellness App committee works to update the content on a weekly basis to keep it relevant. In the Support section, you’ll find over 130 campus and community resources organized by topic of concern, including clear instructions for accessing support. A great feature of the app is logged-in users will see resources tailored to their campus. The My Wellness section allows users to set goals and track their progress and the Crisis area provides clear directions to those experiencing an emergency situation. 

The Wellness app is designed to increase awareness and ease of navigation of mental health and wellness resources while providing proactive tools to help students, and you, develop healthy habits. By placing these resources and tools on a mobile device or tablet, the app aims to reduce stigma. It also empowers students to refer their peers to support resources. 

The Wellness app features are designed to grow and change in response to campus needs. Since its launch in January of this year, the app is now available on Android devices, a new COVID-19 resources support topic has been added and the goals tab has been expanded. New features are identified and developed with the input of student government groups and direct user feedback. 

The Wellness App committee is led by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning and has representatives from Student Life, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Institutional Equity, Suicide Prevention, Ohio State Regional Campuses, the Wexner Medical Center and the student government groups (USG, CGS, IPC).  

While the primary audience of the Wellness App is undergraduate, graduate and professional students at all Ohio State campuses, you should check it out, too. It’s available on iOS and Android.  

The app is a Scarlet and Great way to improve your own wellness, and to be more informed so you can help connect students to mental health and wellness resources.