Today's Update: Wednesday, August 5

August 5, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, The line in Carmen Ohio about Time and Change is certainly appropriate for 2020. So much has happened since the year began, and no one really knows what the future holds. That feeling of uncertainty is very uncomfortable and can fuel anxiety.  

Uncertainty is not a new experience for any of us, but uncertainty in the face of all that is currently going on can be very intense. Whether it’s trying to plan for the upcoming semester, dealing with our families and personal lives or what’s going on in society, it is a heavy load to carry.   

A certain amount of uncertainty can be adaptive as it motivates us to plan and strategize, come up with contingencies and reach out to our teams for help. However, overwhelming uncertainty can stop us in our tracks. So, this Wellness Wednesday, I invite you to explore ways to nurture yourselves and others though uncertainty.  

Acknowledge and share this feeling with others. Naming the discomfort may validate what others are feeling and open the door to more mutual support and decrease the feeling of facing uncertainty alone. Then, having named the elephant in the room, it may be easier to move forward.   

Intentionally take time away from the bombardment of information, set aside your devices and pour your attention into your family and friends. Do something creative. Basically, remind yourself that beauty in our world persists. Gently challenge yourself to break from the chaos and be with yourself. You will find that you are still here.   

We can’t change the uncertainty, but we can accept the emotional experience of it, just like we accept the sun setting every evening. We can also create our own plan, taking charge over the things you can control. Reach out and talk, set achievable daily goals, honor your time for self-care. It’s the best path to a Scarlet and Great life.