Today's Update: Wednesday, August 11

August 11, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, As many return to campus for the fall semester, I want to remind you that the Student Life team members’ discount from Dining Services continues to be available for you. You get a Scarlet and Great 25% off every order at all of our Student Life facilities.   

As you may recall, we added the option earlier this summer to get the discount when you order through the GrubHub app.  

If you already have the GrubHub app, just before sure to click on the button that says “Add Campus Card.” It will take you to a log-in that confirms that you’re on the Student Life team. 

You can also set your method of payment in the app, including BuckID Cash or a credit/debit card.  

Dining Services has instructions online for how to use the app. You’ll find two helpful pdf’s on their website:   

You don’t have to mobile order to get the discount. You can also get 25% off when you order at one of the kiosks. Swipe your BuckID to activate the kiosk transaction and follow the prompts. Again, you’ll be able to pay with BuckID Cash, a credit or debit card once you get to the payment step. You must add your campus card in the Grubhub app for the kiosk to recognize you’re on the Student Life team and receive the discount. 

Of course, you can get your discount if you pay in person without the app, too. Present your BuckID to the cashier. The cashier will swipe your BuckID, and, once eligibility is confirmed, you can pay with your payment method of choice: BuckID Cash, credit/debit card or cash (where accepted). You will see the discount after eligibility is confirmed. 

You do not need to pay with BuckID, but you need it to confirm that you are a Student Life team member. 

If you have questions about the discount, or anything else dining-related, you can email  

Enjoy your meal, and the 25% off.  

Don’t forget to come to tomorrow’s virtual all-team meeting. I’ll be sharing information about the university’s return plans at 4:30 p.m.   

See you tomorrow.