Today's Update: Wednesday, April 29

April 29, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

We talk a great deal about the resources we offer through Student Life. To get there, it’s important to recognize the resourcefulness of our team. A great example of that is Orientation, which will be a very different experience this year as we continue to adjust to COVID reality.  

This year’s summer orientation program will be occurring entirely online. Students will still be scheduled into a specific two-day program between May 26 and July 21. The schedule, however, will be quite a bit different, and is designed to keep screen engagement to a minimum during those two days. Many of the components of the traditional in-person program will be made available for students and families before or after their program date. The two-day program will still feature our “Life Outside the Classroom” and “Get Involved” presentations, but other Student Life components are finding new arrangements. The resourcefulness required to change the approach this dramatically and still achieve the goals of Orientation is impressive.  

An important outcome of Orientation is helping students and families to feel more confident about their ability to be successful at Ohio State, and our role is to preview many of the great resources we have for them, help them to understand more about the campus culture and get them thinking critically about topics like health and safety, wellness, diversity and involvement. We will still be doing that, just in a very different way than in past years.  

Student Life will have a significant presence in the overall program, including pathways to our information in a special section of the Ohio State app. The Resource Fair, which was on North Campus last year, will now be virtual and housed on the app for students and their families to access. Without physical and time commitment limitations, we will even be able to showcase more departments and programs.  

Orientation is a valuable resource for students and families to become familiar with Ohio State and learn what coming here will be like for them. The resourcefulness of the Student Life Orientation Committee is what will make that value possible, keeping Orientation meaningful and engaging in a whole new way. 

I am extremely grateful for the committee’s hard work and out-of-the-box thinking. Their resourcefulness on behalf of our students and their families is Scarlet and Great!