Today's Update: Tuesday, September 15

September 15, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, One of the realities of our “COVID reality” is we now have tasks that need to be accomplished that were never previously part of our portfolio. This isn’t unexpected. We’ve been several months under a university emergency, and the pandemic continues over the entire world. Still, adapting to those new requirements is a test of our resilience and flexibility.   

Our mission hasn’t changed; we are committed to providing the extraordinary student experience. It’s the nature of that experience that has changed and therefore the nature of our support. COVID related support becomes a top priority.  

The things we’ve always done are still important, but other, new areas must now receive a great deal of our attention. Our Quarantine and Isolation housing is just one example, as is our COVID testing program.  

Because of this, you may have a different role than you’ve had in the past. This isn’t new; I’ve been talking about the need to redeploy people since last spring. Over the summer, a number of members of our Dining Services team did an exceptional job taking on different tasks.  

Others are doing so now. Our Marketing team is performing other tasks right now. They aren’t ignoring the unit’s marketing needs, but admittedly some projects will take longer than usual to complete. The Center for the Study of Student Life is still conducting the major assessments, but the team is helping in other areas.  

You may be asked to do likewise. I realize it may not be how you’d like it, and not what appears in your official job description, but we must prioritize the work that needs to be done in order to provide the proper level of support to our students. Afterall, we are all in this Together as Buckeyes.  Please contact your manager if you would like to contribute time to these efforts. 

Your willingness to be flexible and meet this challenge is what makes our team Scarlet and Great.