Today's Update: Tuesday, October 27

October 27, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, It’s no secret that we could use more respect and kindness in our lives. We are hearing too much negative, harmful and hateful speech in the world, and it is important that we take a stand.  

That is the idea behind a campaign developed by Student Life Residence Life. It’s called “No Hate in Our Home,” and it’s designed to engage and remind all of us of our civic commitment to one another.  

Residence Life staff, in collaboration with Student Life Marketing, created digital and hardcopy flyers shared throughout our public and residential spaces across campus. In addition, all on-campus residential students received a circular campaign sticker – the kind you see on so many computers, pads and water bottles, to further emphasize their support of such message.  

The goal is to help the community grow in their understanding of their own identities, engage in experiences that broaden their awareness and appreciation of identities different from their own and recognize biases they, and other members of the community hold, while developing strategies for combatting incidents of bias that may otherwise divide us.  

This campaign helps provide common language on these issues and promotes the various campus resources available to support students. It offers a consistent phrase that reminds the campus community about the need for civil dialogue and can be used when dismantling unwelcome acts or language. There is to be no hate in our home.  

Much of the work on this campaign has been done by Residence Life’s Inclusive Excellence Work Group – a combination of graduate and full-time staff. They’ve created a website with resources and information at   

We all have a commitment to one another in creating a welcoming environment and fostering a sense of belonging for our students, staff members and broader community. Whether your “home” is in-person or virtual, a large department or a small office, No Hate in Our Home is a Scarlet and Great way to do your part.