Today's Update: Tuesday, October 13

October 13, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

We are all still processing the tragic events of this past weekend. It is a difficult time for our entire community, and the sense of loss is real. It has raised levels of concern in our community in a variety of ways.  

It’s not just physical safety that is involved. Trauma can shatter our psychological safety as well. It adds to our already heightened level of stress, impacting all of us.  

It is unfortunately common that misinformation and unfounded rumors will be shared at times such as this. You received an email this afternoon from Ohio State Public Safety Director Monica Moll that addresses some of these issues.  

In the campus wide message, Monica says, “To be clear, neither The Ohio State University Police Division (OSUPD) nor Columbus Police has received any credible or substantiated reports of retaliatory gang activity in our student neighborhoods. Additionally, a video circulating on social media of a separate shooting was not recorded in the University District. This video is unrelated to Sunday's crime.” 

You may be hearing incorrect information from students and others. Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service director Dr. Micky Sharma suggests when talking to those who are reacting to a rumor that you validate the emotion, but not the misinformation. Steer them toward official information like this afternoon’s message. Rumors impact our perception and can increase our fear.   

It is important that we help our community deal with this tragic incident. We don’t need misinformation to heighten the anxiety unnecessarily.  

Thank you for your Scarlet and Great leadership.