Today's Update: Tuesday, March 9

March 9, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, Happy Anniversary?  

It was one year ago that the pandemic turned this university, and our lives, upside down. I looked back in the files, and the first edition of what would become “Today’s Update” went out on March 9, 2020. It was also one year ago on this date that the first COVID-19 case was reported in Ohio.  

We’ve been living and working at warp speed ever since. In this past year, we’ve had our share of highs and lows. We’ve learned lessons and accomplished the impossible. We've had our resilience and flexibility tested in ways none of us could have imagined a year and a day ago.  

Ultimately, through it all, we’ve done it together…Together as Buckeyes, as the saying goes. This Student Life team, from the very moment that the university released our pandemic response plan, didn’t hesitate to make plans, decisions and take action.  

We could have become immobilized. We could have buckled under the uncertainty of it all. We could have become tentative and allowed ourselves to freeze and take no action.  

Not this team. Student Life did what Student Life is known for and jumped in, to face the challenges head on. We sometimes had to make up the rules as we went along, or, as some put it, build the plane while flying it. We were undeterred by all questions and uncertainties we faced. 

In short, we’ve done a Scarlet and Great job, and I couldn’t be more proud of the entire Student Life team, and our student body.  

We still face challenges ahead, especially now as we plan for this coming summer and fall semesters. I know that we will stay strong and get the job done. If we survived this past year, we can do anything and do it well.