Today's Update: Tuesday, March 31

March 31, 2020

Dear Student Life Team:

We are making a great deal of progress in adjusting to our new reality.  

First, Move-Out is nearly complete. A few weeks ago, we had approximately 16,000 students living on campus. Now we have around 650 undergrads and 400 graduate and professional students. The numbers are still changing as students continue to make other living arrangements, but even that has slowed dramatically. We are in the process of consolidating those remaining in a handful of buildings.  Our goal is to place students in their own room with a private bath. This will help us support social distancing, and having students in fewer buildings will help us better serve those who remain with us.  

This was a herculean effort, and I am so proud of everyone who has been and continues to be on the front lines. Special thanks to the departmental teams that have volunteered over the past several days. I hope to share some of the stories of our superheroes soon.  

Late Friday, the university released guidelines for refunds for housing, dining and rec sports fees. That seems to have gone smoothly with relatively few questions coming to those departments. 

We continue to build out web pages that may interest you. One is the Student Life Employee FAQ page. If there is an area we haven’t covered yet, be sure to pass your question to your supervisor or director so we can try to get answers for you.  

We also have a page on student support, We Are Here For You. It includes information on how students can access Student Life services no matter where they may be.  

Our work is not done. We are now turning our attention to providing programming for students virtually. They may not all be on campus, but they are still our students, and we need to create their extraordinary student experiences in new and innovative ways. I’ll share some of the ideas and upcoming events in the near future.  

This whole process has felt like being in a race car, and going from zero to 120 miles an hour in seconds. We went from normal to a whole new normal in just a matter of days. Yet look at all we’ve accomplished. And know that none of this could have happened without your dedication, hard work and flexibility. I can’t tell you, or tell you enough, how grateful I am!