Today's Update: Tuesday, March 16

March 16, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, The Student Life Commitment and Action Planning Team (CAPT) formed last summer continues to work on fulfilling its mission to reaffirm our commitments, identify critical elements of change and create a plan for action that will illuminate our dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and racial justice. 

After a great deal of research and deliberation, CAPT has developed an overarching Student Life-wide statement to clearly communicate our values around DEI. It will be added to websites, social media and other forms of communication.  

“The Ohio State University Office of Student Life honors and values the unique backgrounds, identities and experiences of our staff and student community.? 

Together, we are dedicated to?fostering?a campus culture?that affirms the dignity of every Buckeye across intersections of?race, gender identity or expression, age, ancestry, color, social class, disability, ethnicity, genetic information, HIV/AIDS status, military status, national origin, pregnancy, religion, sex, sexual orientation,?tribal affiliation?or protected veteran status.? 

Our commitment to equity and inclusion is demonstrated through honoring the Indigenous lands that the university occupies. We create accessible, dynamic and civic-minded experiences that encourage open exchanges of ideas and perspectives, resist colonialism and embrace individual and collective empowerment.? 

Grounded in appreciation, support, connection and care, we cultivate the personal and professional skills that nurture a sense of belonging, grow empathy and compassion for others and contribute to positive social change.”? 

That’s not the only thing keeping CAPT busy. The team is developing guidelines on how to introduce inclusive language into our interactions  with colleagues, students and in the overall work of Student Life. I’ll share information about that project when it’s finished.  

And CAPT has designed a climate survey that will be launched soon. It will be sent to the whole Student Life team to assess all of our experiences with diversity, equity, inclusion and overall culture within the unit.  

By now, I hope that you have checked out our affinity groups. Their mission is to provide space for dialogue, critical reflection and action planning for Student Life team members who hold dominant identities. Staff will consider their own experiences and perspective, as well as their possible impact on workplace culture, students and colleagues. 

There are several that are up and running, and you can join by using this link:

Two new affinity groups have been formed, as well, including one for those who identify as multi-racial and one for team members who are Muslim.  

I’ll continue to keep you updated on the work of CAPT, as we take Scarlet and Great steps to promote a culture where all team members are included, valued and empowered to succeed.