Today's Update: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

June 7, 2022

Dear Student Life team,

Engage. Learn. Thrive.

By now you know this is the new Student Life tagline, three words that capture the spirit of what we do, for students and our Student Life team members. These words serve as a framework that guides our work and reminds us of our mission. 

To help keep our tagline front and center, many of us have made it a part of our email signature. Now, with High Fives to Jon Plante and Travis Barnhart, we have a Student Life email signature generator that makes it easy to include all the right information...and it also looks great! 

You can find the signature generator online: It’s simple to use and step by step directions are on that page. 

There are several reasons why including the tagline in our email signatures is a good idea. It standardizes our look and message, something the Marketing and Communications team will tell you is a good idea for creating consistency. 

Even more important is how it reinforces our culture. By including those three words in our email messages, we are proclaiming what is important to us. It reminds others, and ourselves, of what we stand for.

We engage students in many ways – from providing them with opportunities to connect with and get engaged on campus and in the community. We provide spaces, both physically and figuratively, for them to find community, learn from their peers and give back or pay it forward to others in meaningful ways. 

We foster deep learning for our students. Our programs and services are designed to challenge students to reflect on who they are, what their values are and who they want to be in the future. This includes both personal and professional exploration and learning. 

We provide opportunities for students to thrive. We do this through the strong support we offer students in spaces like the Student Advocacy Center or Student Conduct, where we help students overcome challenges and learn from those challenges. We also do this through our Health and Well-being area, which provides opportunities for students to explore the ten dimensions of wellness and how they can create personalized plans to thrive in these areas.

These commitments are not just for students. It is equally important that we also offer staff members the opportunity to Engage. Learn. Thrive. Our own professional growth never stops, and so we need to hold firm to these principles for ourselves and how we deal with colleagues as well. It’s another reason why including the tagline in our email signatures is an important reminder.

Our tagline is, of course, more than just words. But using the email signature generator to include those words in our messages is a Scarlet and Great way to keep our mission front and center in all we do. 


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD 

Senior Vice President for Student Life 
The Ohio State University