Today's Update: Tuesday, June 23

June 23, 2020

Dear Student Life Team,

 Plans continue to come together for the phased return to campus this fall. On Friday we sent a great deal of information to students and I want to make sure I’m keeping you updated.  

One area that is generating plenty of questions from team members is Move-In. I’ll say right up front: yes, we will need staff to help, but because the entire process will be so much different than in years past, we are still working on numbers needed, locations and responsibilities. Stay tuned!   

In order to promote physical distancing, Move-In this year will take place over 12 days instead of the usual two. Residence hall move-In will be staggered with the larger halls open earlier to accommodate higher numbers of students moving in. So, for example, Park-Stradley will open earlier than a smaller hall, such as Paterson.  

We’re going to use a scheduling system that was piloted in recent years. When students receive their hall assignment in the coming weeks, they will be given day and time blocks to sign up for arrival, based on when their building is opening. That will allow us to manage the flow onto campus and into each building in order to facilitate physical distancing through all of Move-In.  A limited number of students will be scheduled to move onto each floor of each building at a time with a maximum of eight per building per one-hour period. We will also limit Move-In times for buildings in close proximity to each other, again to facilitate physical distancing and better manage traffic flow. 

Scheduled Move-In time blocks will occur from August 12 to August 23, although, as I explained, not all buildings will be available for Move-In on each of these dates. 

Students are also being asked limit the number of people assisting them with Move-In to one or two. Students and those helping them move will be asked to wear face masks, unless not advisable for health reasons, as well as perform temperature and COVID-19 symptom self-assessments before arriving on campus.  As we learn more about COVID-19, these guidelines and expectations may be adjusted.  

The role of Student Life team members will be different this year. Responsibilities will include directing traffic and answering questions but not assisting students with moving belongings. Moving carts will be provided to students and then staff will sanitize carts after each use.    

There are plenty of details still to be worked out, and Aubrie Smith and many others are working very hard on the arrangements. As with everything, this is a process and decisions made today are subject change tomorrow based on developments that are out of control. But, as I said yesterday in my update on dining, this is what we are telling students as of now. 

Move-In won’t look the same as past years, but I know we will make the start of the new academic year Scarlet and Great.