Today's Update: Tuesday, January 12

January 12, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, In my update on Move-In, I alluded to students getting a COVID test at Jesse Owens North as they arrive back on campus. Today I want to provide you a little more detail on that process.  

It really begins before students even leave to come back to campus. We are asking them to self-sequester for 10 days before they return to their residence hall or off-campus residence or attend any engagements on campus. We’ve set some guidelines for students designed to minimize the likelihood of bringing COVID with them to campus.   

  • If you must be near others, you should wear a mask even indoors. 

  • To further limit exposure, make your own food or have it delivered. 

  • If you must go out, wear a mask at all times. 

There are also testing requirements for both undergraduate and graduate/professional students who live in university housing. They are required to complete a two-part testing program before they can move into any university housing, including residence halls or off-campus property that we manage.  

Step one is to complete an at-home Vault Health COVID-19 saliva test before traveling to campus. The university will provide the tests and cover all shipping expenses. Step two is a COVID test at Jesse Owens North, or their regional test location, before moving into their residence. 

Because students will be asked to self-sequester in their room while waiting for test results, Student Life Dining Services will give them a bag of food to take back to their room, and test results should be back within 24-48 hours. 

Student living off-campus are required to test weekly at Jesse Owens North, starting when they return to Columbus to either live or visit campus for any reason, with a goal of having two negative test results before resuming activity on-campus. 

All students on the Columbus campus and all residential students on all campuses will be required to test weekly throughout the semester.  

It’s a huge effort, but these steps will help get spring semester off to a safe, healthy, and Scarlet and Gray start.