Today's Update: Tuesday, February 23

February 23, 2021

Dear Skylar, Art can carry powerful messages, and the most important messages we need as a society right now center on kindness and positivity.  

That’s why Student Life and Kind Columbus are hosting the #BeKind Instagram Wall Contest. It's an opportunity for students, faculty and staff members from all Ohio State campuses, alumni and community members to create artwork that could be featured in outdoor spaces around campus, creating Instagrammable moments.  

Instagram walls are really popular right now. I’ve known people that would do a search of “best instagram walls” so they could have their picture taken in front of it.  

The goal for ours is to showcase works of art that will help promote kindness, positivity and mental health support.  

We need it. Most of us have felt stress and anxiety over the past year, and the Ohio State Return to Campus survey found many of us have been using kindness and gratitude to cope. Seeing these works of art will help lift all our spirits. 

You don’t need to be an “artist” to participate; let your design come from your heart to uplift those who see it. We’ve already had nearly two dozen entries.  

In addition to seeing their artwork displayed around campus, winners of the #BeKind Instagram Wall Contest will also receive $500 to donate to a non-profit organization from the Columbus Foundation's Giving Store of their choice. 

You can learn more online at You have until Friday, March 5, to enter.   

Come up with a design, submit it and help spread Scarlet and Great kindness to our whole community.