Today's Update: Tuesday, December 1

December 1, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Dr. Theory is joining Dr. Practice in retirement.  

Dr. Susan Jones has announced that she is following Dr. Gretchen Metzelaars and riding off into the sunset of retirement, one I am sure will be filled with travel and wonderful experiences. They have earned this new chapter, and their profound impact on the field of student affairs will be felt for generations to come.  

There will be a celebration of Susan’s career later, but in the meantime I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing both Susan and Gretchen a Scarlet and Great retirement. 

Here is the message I received from the HESA program: 

It is with grateful hearts that we share this good news with you today. Dr. Susan R. Jones, Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, is retiring this January. While she will be missed by the students and faculty in HESA, we are thrilled to recognize her accomplishments and many contributions to both Ohio State and the profession.  

A foremost authority on student development theory and an expert qualitative researcher, Dr. Jones has made an enormous and long-lasting contribution to the field of higher education and student affairs. Dr. Jones’ research advances our understanding of intersectionality of student identities and the developmental effects of service learning.  Generations of practitioners have entered the field armed with her “green book” of Student Services: A Handbook for the Profession and countless scholars have designed their dissertations and research projects guided by her Negotiating the Complexities of Qualitative Research in Higher Education.  For these achievements Dr. Jones has been recognized nationally with the Contribution to Knowledge Award by the American College Personnel Association. 

Having devoted 20 years of her life to the Ohio State Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program, Dr. Jones is a much loved and respected faculty member and colleague. She is a talented teacher and a recipient of the Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. She is an outstanding advisor who has mentored many graduate students in their academic and administrative careers, for which she is recognized at the national level with the NASPA Robert H. Shaffer Award for Academic Excellence as a Graduate Faculty Member. She is also a dedicated colleague who, over the years, has put much heart and effort into our thriving HESA community.  

It is with immense gratitude for those outstanding contributions that we will be celebrating Dr. Jones’ retirement in the spring of 2021. We are still planning the details and will be in touch soon!  


Amy Barnes 
Rebecca Crandall 
Lori Patton Davis 
Marc Johnston-Guerrero 
Matthew Mayhew 
Kristen Mills 
Anne-Marie Núñez  
Stephen Quaye 
Penny Pasque 
Tatiana Suspitsyna