Today's Update: Tuesday, August 25

August 25, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, YOU get a Welcome Kit, and YOU get a Welcome Kit and YOU get a Welcome Kit! OK, it may not be as exciting as Oprah giving away cars to her audience, but it is still significant.  

As we require face masks and daily health checks, we are also providing you (and everyone else at the university) with the tools to help you keep complying. Students, staff and faculty are all getting a Together as Buckeyes Welcome Kit. It includes include one disposable mask, two reusable masks, a thermometer, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. The faculty version of the kits includes chalk, markers and supplies to clean the boards in their classrooms. 

I’ve mentioned before that we had a large crew placing the kits in student residence hall rooms before Move-In, and you will get yours, if you haven’t already, through your department. Your team can order them at no cost through the university’s e-store program. 

There are distribution points across campus, at a few off-campus properties and kits are going to those on the regional campuses, as well. Here is the link to the schedule. 

As the semester begins today, 100,000 of these kits are in the process of being assembled and distributed to the university community. It’s a project that’s been described as requiring logistical muscle, creative planning and university-wide teamwork, made even more challenging by the world-wide demand for these same products.  

It’s worth it. And special thanks (in addition to the High Fives) to the distribution team that has been working hard to implement this important initiative. Every step we can take to promote a safe and healthy campus is Scarlet and Great for all of us.  

And don’t forget, we’ll hold another all-staff team gathering on this Friday, August 28, at 3-3:30 p.m. Watch for the Zoom link still to come.