Today's Update: Tuesday, April 7

April 7, 2020

Dear Student Life Team:

If someone had asked me to join a Zoom meeting a few months ago, I would have assumed it meant they wanted to get through the agenda very quickly.  Now, a short time and a major pandemic later, many of us are becoming quite familiar with video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype.   

We are all learning new technologies and approaches on the fly. I’m really proud of this team for being able to adjust so quickly to our new socially-distant, remote-working reality. It’s not easy, but we are making it happen.  

Zoom is especially suited to meetings with 10 or more people. Student Life Techology Services recommends checking out this OCIO video about it: 

Here are some tips for making sure your meetings aren’t interrupted by unwanted guests: 

There have been instances of uninvited people showing up in video meetings. You’ll want to create a Zoom account, and the easiest way to do this for the first time is to access Zoom through the CarmenZoom website by clicking on the red ‘SIGN IN’ button on the right side of the page.   

Just because it’s work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Zoom has a feature that lets you use a virtual background behind you on screen. If you are a TV or movie production fan, think of it as a green screen. I’ve used a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge to remind me that I will get to travel again once this emergency is over. I am also particularly fond of “taking meetings” from in front of the ‘Shoe. 

To help you get started with your virtual meeting place, Student Life’s Skylar Fought pulled some Ohio State images you can use and put them in a public Box folder.

Here is how you add backgrounds:  

  1. Log into Zoom 

  1. Click your icon/photo in the top right corner 

  1. Click ‘Settings’ 

  1. Click ‘Virtual Background’ 

  1. Click the plus sign on the right side and add in any photos you want to use as a virtual background

  2. In settings, you can select a virtual background to be on whenever you sign into a Zoom meeting 

And if you want your virtual meetings to look and sound better, Joe Camoriano of University Communications has put together a video with quick tips on things like lighting, background and camera placement.  

We are all learning, adjusting and getting smarter. It’s all part of what makes you Scarlet and Great!