Today's Update: Tuesday, April 21

April 21, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

You may have seen from President Drake that there is a university-wide post-pandemic operations task force that has been established. It doesn’t mean there is any less focus on preventing the spread of COVID-19 right now, but it is important that we be prepared for that day when we can resume operations.  

We are taking the same approach in Student Life. I’ve set up a working group with representatives from a number of our departments, grappling with questions about what needs to happen as we prepare to repopulate campus. What needs to happen before and during the transition? Once the all-clear is given, how long will it take to resume operations? Will it be done in stages? When will our buildings re-open? Each question seems to generate more, and this group will help us think through the issues and be fully prepared for that day when we can begin to get back together.  

Make no mistake, there is no timetable, there is no schedule and there is no expectation that the transition will begin in the immediate future. Every decision that is made, both at the university and Student Life level, will be based on protecting your health and safety and that of our entire community. Preparation is the key so that we have a well-thought out plan when it is safe to resume operations on campus.  

If you are missing campus, as I am, this may help. Check out this website: It’s a weather information page, but the live webcam looks out over the South Oval. Student Life’s Preston Tartt was the point person on the project, with an assist from Jeff Pelletier to get the camera placed on top of the Ohio Union.  

Ohio State Emergency Management frequently features images from the webcam on its Twitter feed. And, if you click on “cameras,” “cloud camera” and then the icon that looks like a reel of film, you’ll get an amazing time lapse video that goes from overnight to day break through to sunset and night again. If you are working remotely, it’s the next best thing to being there. There are apparently similar set-ups at other universities if you want to check in virtually elsewhere.  

Thank you for you continued dedication, flexibility and patience. Have I mentioned that you are Scarlet and Great?!