Today's Update: Thursday, September 3

September 3, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, One of the most important components of the plans for fall semester is the involvement of students. You’ll recall that our Student Life return to campus work groups included a large number of students, and their input was extremely valuable in shaping our decision making.  

Student input continues to be vital. Athletic Director Gene Smith and I have held Zoom sessions over the past weeks with 36 student leaders from various organizations and athletics teams.  Student Life’s Jen Pelletier from Student Activities and Senior Associate Athletic Director Diana Sabau also participated.   

The goals were to gather feedback about the return to campus, understand their concerns and questions and to express the importance of their support and engagement to a successful autumn semester. They were very productive sessions.  

We talked about a wide range of topics. Some of their interests were specific, such as expanded access to wifi and support for graduate and professional students. They had questions about how to hold events while ensuring physical distancing, and how isolation/quarantine housing is working. 

We also talked about broader concerns, such as supporting and engaging first-year students, especially among Black and Brown students, who experience different barriers to retention.  

I am very pleased that our students are so engaged in providing the best possible experience this fall and beyond. They continue to be valuable partners, and we will continue to seek their feedback and input in how to help make this semester Scarlet and Great.