Today's Update: Thursday, October 22

October 22, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Kindness rocks, especially when kind partners help the effort.

We’ve talked in an earlier update about all the activities that are offered to students living in quarantine and isolation housing. We are also, through the help of others, able to provide random acts of kindness to brighten their day, both on Columbus campus and the regional campuses.

There is a Facebook Parent Kindness group that is very much involved. They’ve sent everything from blankets and pillows to gift cards for our Student Life team to distribute. Many of these people don’t even have students currently attending Ohio State because they graduated several years ago. But their experience and that of their students was so positive that they want to continue giving back.

Ohio State’s Trademark and Licensing Office has been a big help reaching out to university vendors, who have donated things like puzzles and small nerf basketball nets.

Several churches have been involved in making life better for our students in QI housing. One example is the Catholic Newman Center which was planning to give out plants to students at the fall Student Involvement Fair. Since the fair turned into a virtual experience, the center donated all those plants (a few hundred of them) to us, which were in turn given to the students. At least one parent wrote a sweet thank you note saying how much the simple gift of a houseplant meant to her student.

H2O Church has also stepped up. They provided gift cards, candy and masks in bags that also included encouraging notes written by other students.

There is more kindness to come. The Columbus Foundation has awarded a kindness grant to the COVID Student Alliance student organization for them to do weekly acts of kindness. And several companies locally are lining up to provide even more gift cards and other items that can be given to students in QI housing.

All these efforts are just another Scarlet and Great way to support our students.

Don’t forget that I’m meeting with team members in special check-in sessions every week. The next check-in is tomorrow, October 23 at 9:30 a.m. You can sign up online: