Today's Update: Thursday, May 7

May 7, 2020

Dear Student Life Team,

It seems strange to describe a nearly empty campus as “busy,” but there has been quite a bit of activity this week. With Commencement concluded and summer term classes set to begin next week, a number of students are moving out of their residence halls. 

The process is not nearly as intense as it was right after spring break, but there are students who are currently unable to return to their permanent homes. We sent an email to those who have been living with us at the end of spring semester, and of those, 165 undergraduate students have indicated they have a need to stay for the summer.  

For those departing, we set up “move out” similar to what we did in March. We organized a sign-up system in case there were days when we had a large concentration of students moving out. It helped us make sure there weren’t too many people congregating at any one time, and facilitated proper physical distancing.  

The biggest day was Sunday, May 3, (Commencement) with 193 students scheduled to move out. It ended up being the only day we needed to employ the sign-up system.  

We expect to have fewer than 500 students, undergrad and graduate/professional, living on campus this summer. We are consolidating this reduced number of students into fewer buildings to best support them. Student Life team members are pulling out the big red bins and helping students move into their new hall as needed. Each student continues to have a single room with their own bathroom to support physical distancing. 

Of course, we are feeding them. Curl Market, Connecting Grounds and C-Store at Scott are currently open for students. Student Life Dining Services is focusing on mobile ordering through the GrubHub app to maintain physical distancing, and they have extensive sanitation and safety precaution protocols in place at all their locations.  

Other departments are also maintaining an on-campus presence because of the critical support they provide. Student Health Services remains on the front lines, as do our Facilities, Building and Mechanical Services and Environmental Services teams, along with BuckID, Technology Services and others.  

Thanks to all who have helped support our students during these strange times. The effort has been - and continues to be - Scarlet and Great!