Today's Update: Thursday, May 6

May 6, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, One of the lessons we’ve learned from COVID is the importance of connections. It’s true for us, and true for our students, especially first-years. 

That’s why we created a program called Buckeye Connections, and now that the semester is over, I can report it was a huge success. 

You’ll remember from earlier updates that the program had two tracks: Build Your Buckeye Community, overseen by Connor Jones, which consisted of small groups of students led by a peer-facilitator that focused on connecting with others and making friends. The other is Build Your Buckeye Network, overseen by Beth Johnson, which was focused on professional networking. An early high five to Connor and Beth, as well as to the Scarlet and Great student facilitators.  

Here are some of the comments from peer facilitators: 

I felt like it was really fun when we all met for the first time. You can tell people were very excited to be in a group setting. I believe that people mostly enjoyed learning more about what being a Buckeye is like, the resources that are available on campus and life around Columbus. 

Overall, I thought that the Buckeye Connections Program was a great idea! I felt like those (who attended) were really committed to creating some meaningful relationships. 

Everyone would come into meetings with a positive attitude and a willingness to share their personalities with the group. By the last meeting even some shy members were sharing a lot about themselves and would engage in conversation. I was really happy with the way the group bonded and the willingness to make these connections in a virtual environment! 

Connection is an important part of the Buckeye experience, and it is Scarlet and Great that this program was able to help make that happen.