Today's Update: Thursday, June 18

June 18, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

There is a large body of evidence that confirms being involved in campus activities is important for our students. The higher education and student affairs literatures are full of studies that have shown that involvement in things like student organizations, community service or service-learning or sorority and fraternity life is positively related to academic performance, cognitive development, well-being, leadership and multicultural awareness.  
Now you can add getting a job to that list.  
The Center for the Study of Student Life has just completed an important research project. They asked employers that work with Student Life’s Buckeye Careers to rate whether they would interview or hire students based on reviewing a fake student resume. This is what they found: employers rated the students who were at least minimally-involved as significantly more hireable than those who were not involved at all. Employers also rated highly-involved students as significantly more career ready than uninvolved or minimally-involved students. 

They conducted the study by developing resumes portraying undergraduate students with varying levels of involvement: uninvolved (no involvement), moderately-involved (minimal involvement) and highly-involved (a great deal of involvement). The moderately-involved and highly-involved resumes included a section titled “Campus Involvement,” which contained details about the students’ co-curricular experiences. The uninvolved resume did not include an involvement section.  

Each employer was randomly assigned one of the resumes, meaning that the campus involvement section looked different for each employer depending on the resume they saw. Once employers reviewed the resume, they answered a series of survey questions, rating the student on career readiness and hireability. 

The takeaway: student involvement has a positive effect on employers’ perceptions. You can read more online: 

This is more confirmation that the work we do in Student Life is vital to the success of our students. It shows that what we do is Scarlet and Great!