Today's Update: Thursday, June 10

June 10, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, As promised, I’m sending a special Today’s Update in light of important university information that has been released. 

I hope you’ve seen the latest update to the university’s policy on masking. It was in an email yesterday afternoon, and you can read it here if you missed it:  

In short, in alignment with CDC, state and local guidance, fully vaccinated people are not required to wear masks indoors on our campuses (except in Wexner Medical facilities and on public transportation such as CABS buses; note that Student Health Services will follow the medical center guidance for clinical settings). Last month, fully vaccinated people were no longer required to wear masks outdoors.  

To be clear, we also want those who are vaccinated to continue wearing their masks if they would feel more comfortable doing so.  

This is an important turning point in our efforts to keep the community safe and healthy. We are getting ever closer to our “next normal,” and a testament to the hard work of our Student Life teams and those across the university working toward the goal of reducing the threat from COVID. 

You’ll notice one significant feature in the masking policy. The requirement is relaxed for those who are fully vaccinated. If you have not been vaccinated, you still must take all the precautions that have been in place during the pandemic including wearing a mask indoors and out and physically distancing.  

If you have not gotten the shot, I encourage you to consider doing so. And let me know if you are facing barriers. I want to help anyone who wants to be vaccinated to have access.  

If you are not comfortable reaching out to me personally, you can also share your concerns or barriers to getting the vaccine at this link. I will provide updates and opportunities to the whole team based on the feedback we receive. 

Yesterday’s university message also included guidance on returning to work on campus. Student Life directors are currently working on recommended plans for each unit, and I’ll share updates as they are available in the near future.  

This is an exciting time, and I want you to know how Scarlet and Grateful I am for all your hard work and dedication that have brought us to the cusp of being able to return to the truly Iconic Ohio State experience, for both staff and students.