Today's Update: Thursday, July 9

July 9, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

Progress continues to be made! Yesterday, Student Life released our Return to Campus game plan document - you can find it here: Special thanks to the literally dozens of Student Life staff members, students and university partners who contributed.

This document is intended to be organic and evolving; it will be updated as additional decisions or guidance is provided, with dates and version numbers on the front cover. The document is meant to guide our overall return strategy, while reinforcing and complementing the university’s overall operational decisions – read more about university guidance here:

One important element of our planning is student programming, particularly because Move-In to the residence halls will be stretched over 12 days so we can ensure safe physical distancing and avoid large crowds congregating. We will certainly need to provide virtual and safe in-person programming to engage students during this extended period of time.

This is a much different model than the quick turnaround between Move-In and the start of classes that you’re used to, and the longer gap after arrival makes that engagement critically important.

Residence Life and the Programming Work Team are asking for your help. With more time to fill, and COVID-19 realities to consider, we’re relying on staff across Student Life to host creative events that allow opportunities for new and returning Buckeyes to connect with your office and each other.

Think strategically and keep health and safety considerations foremost in your mind. This would be a great time to recycle events from this past spring or summer, especially if they may help our students navigate fall semester in the midst of COVID-19. Consider piloting a new initiative for a small group of students to see if you might want to eventually expand it. It would be good to host events as series that build on one another beginning with Move-In and continuing through Welcome Week and the first six weeks of the semester.

For the sake of physical distancing, consider offering programs multiple times throughout the day, as well as videos that students can access at any time. Night, evening and weekend programming is especially needed, too, to encourage students to maintain safety in their on-campus accommodations.

Get those creative juices flowing. If you have ideas or questions, contact Res Life’s Dr. Stephanie Clemons Thompson (

This is a great way to show just how Scarlet and Great we can be!