Today's Update: Thursday, July 2

July 3, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, 

I won’t write a long update this afternoon; I know we’re all eager to start the holiday weekend. As I mentioned yesterday, I want you to recharge and refresh over the next few days, in whatever way it works for you.  

The Fourth of July is also a good time to reflect on our nation. I find one of the greatest strengths of America isn’t perfection, we’re a long, long way from that, but in our determination to improve and become better as a people and as a country. We may disagree on the path to that improvement, or even what it would look like when we get there. That’s what a democracy is all about.  

This holiday comes against the backdrop of racism and hate, a pandemic and contentious politics. I encourage you to spend a little time over the next few days reflecting on where we are as a nation, and where we might be headed. And, the big question, “What can I personally do to help us toward a brighter future?”  

I can’t think of a more Scarlet and Great birthday present for the U.S.A.