Today's Update: Thursday, August 31, 2023

August 31, 2023

Dear Student Life team, 

Happy High Five Friday. 

There are more people to High Five for their help getting the academic year started in the right way, so I’ll start with High Fives for those who took shifts helping with Move-In, including Lucy Hennon, Meagen Rinard, Chris Antjas, Dilna Cama, Lacie Noland, Gabby Kinnamon, Demetrius Stanley, Adam Keller, Alexa Benear, Ben Daleiden, Elissa Kuharich, Rochelle Toth, Rachel DeMooy, Dave DeAngelo, Nick Pangio, James MacGregor, Andrew Miller, Garrett Boysen, Erica Szeyller, Eric Stucke, Aldino Stazzone, Brian Schuchter, Noah Gilbert, Re'Nesha Weston, Kim Moss, Evan Gardiner, Daren Lehman, Bridgett Keener, Laura Onianwa, Radha Elevarthi, Dan Huffman, David Gutierrez, Jenn Finch, Kori Montgomery, Morgan Hammonds, Kyle Kellogg, Jenna Sparrowe, Cheryl Lyons, Caitlyn McCandless, Kelly Bonice, Hunter Hartwig, Gabi Nunez, Will Cangialosi, Travis Barnhart, Tara Nord, Jennifer Chilman, Carly Taylor, Taylor Koon, Karen Narwicz, Mike Jones, Beth Ullum, Lynne Deshler, Eddie Labid, Julie Schnell, Chris Nesler, Morgan Blumenfeld, Emily Murphy, Madison Nicklaus, Kala Coyan-McClure, Jacob Friedman, Ryan Lovell, Mackenzie Hogan, Yvonne Dulaney, Tanisha Jenkins, Christy Muhoberac, Noelle Bartley, Kurt Schooley, Danny Glassmann, Jayden Messer, Laura Robertson-Boyd, Jen Pelletier, Paul O’Leary, Colette Moreland, J Randall Hicks, Seth Rhodes, Holly Weaver, Julia Skrabak, Susan Sawyer-Smith, Allison Thomas, Jean Rae, Dannell Piper, Jenn Irwin, Radha Elevarthi, Stephanie Franks, Thyone Henderson, Madison Barnes, Natalie Hornback, Elizabeth McGreevy, Ruth Miller, Kim Pachell, Ryan Patel, John Link, Jeremy Gabis, Rishi Dhanak, Dave Wiseley, Tracy Stuck, Wesley Kamau, Liam Fernandes, Andy Fox, Cristina Vega, Kim Monteaux De Freitas, Steph Lingofelter, Jen Cottrell, Rachel Conners, Rob Lyons, Joel Sedziol, Angie Wellman, Kevin Bledsoe and Jaylen Lindsey. 

High Five to our Student Life teams at Ohio State Mansfield, Lima, Newark and Marion who brought students to Columbus for Buckeye Kickoff, including Donna Hight (Mansfield), Amy Livchak (Lima), Justin Courtney (Lima) and Candace Floyd (Marion). 

High Five to Justin Courtney for talking about Lima’s autumn Involvement Fair on WLIO TV.  

The OUAB advising team of Tonya Dawson, Krystal Vielman-Diaz, Devon Stith and Rae Toran in Student Activities get High Fives for truly outstanding work to start this semester with so many different Welcome Week events for undergraduate, graduate and professional students and their families. 

High Fives as well to Erin McAlhaney from Student Activities for all her great success coordinating her first fall Student Involvement Fair, which was a huge hit thanks to support from Brooke Olson, Jen Pelletier, Jaylen Lindsey, Cassie Smith, Jesse Fernandez, Erica Brown and an incredible cast helping out that included Julia Skrabak, Anna Wagner, Kristen Rupert Davis, Julie Wagner, Christy Muhoberac, Kala Coyan-McClure, Ryan Lovell, Marjorie Freggens, Jayden Messer, Noah Gilbert, Lucy Hennon, Julie Schnell, Adam Specht, Lindsey Boyd, Beth Ullum, Jordan Smoot, Jen Vandemark, Elissa Kuharich, Erica Regan, Victoria Weaver, Brandon Balandra, Madi Barnes, Angie Wellman, Mohammed Baseer, Meagen Rinard and Matt Couch. High Fives, too, go to the Student Organization Success Coach team with special leadership from Martha Cibasu and Esha Sachdeva (Coach Managers) as well as an incredible Student Organization Resource Room team. 

Lots of High Five love for our Student Life Disability Services team today, including student supervisors Amanda Johnson, Kelly Bonice, Jenna Sparrowe, Paul Kramer and Caity McCandless for their work in training and onboarding undergraduate and graduate student staff during our high-demand period of the first week of classes.  

High Five as well to Tiffany Hedges of Disability Services for leadership and flexibility in working with multiple full-time, intermittent and agency-level personnel changes to coordinate complex transcribing and interpreting scheduling demands to meet student accommodation needs. 

And a High Five for the teamwork of Joshua Oconer of the Center for the Study of Student Life and Caity McCandless of Disability Services to quickly resolve a technological glitch in the system that manages flex plan accommodation plans.     

High Five to Kailee Bell, Christy Muhoberac, Daren Lehman and Brutus for creating a fun How to Do Laundry video distributed to students, helping promote the new washers and dryers and providing some important tips on the art of getting clothes clean. You can see the laundry video online.  

Have a Scarlet and Great Labor Day weekend and GO BUCKS!!!!!  


Melissa S. Shivers, PhD  

Senior Vice President for Student Life  
The Ohio State University