Today's Update: Thursday, August 20

August 20, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, Recently, I wrote about the very real anxieties many are feeling about the phased return to campus this fall. Today, as we get closer to the start of the semester, I want to go deeper. 

I’ve talked to many of you, and have heard widely different reactions to the idea of being back.  Some are eager, some are concerned, some never left and are happy about being joined by others, some never left and wish the campus would stay nearly empty. All have their reasons, and whatever the individual’s view of the change, it can cause stress and anxiety.  

We can help each other. We can’t predict the future or allay personal concerns, but it is important that we be mindful to respect the perspective of others, even when that perspective doesn’t match our own.  Just as we respect our own perspective, Buckeyes should also respect the perspective of others. To discredit or ridicule a colleague for their reaction is unfair and only causes more stress.     

Our society has grown increasingly divisive. You can see that just in the way the wearing of face masks has become a polarizing concept. Each side is taking a hardened approach that furthers the divisiveness. I don’t want that to happen on our team.  I want us to respect one another, even when we disagree.   

Be respectful. It’s the Scarlet and Great way.