Today's Update: Thursday, April 1

April 1, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, You know I’m a big believer in communication. Sending you this daily update, scheduling walk and talks, The Doc is In sessions and more are examples of how I put into practice my belief that it is important to share information and to be accessible to students, the Student Life team and others.  

I’ve added a new communication that goes to our academic partners on all campuses. The idea is to promote collaboration and partnership.  

As we continue the fight against COVID-19 and look forward to a post-COVID-ish world, I thought it would be helpful to provide our colleagues with regular updates about Student Life initiatives, highlights, topical support programs and other information that may be helpful to our partners as they refer and assist students.  

The messages go to people such as the college deans, Academic Affairs partners and university senior leaders. 

We are calling it “In a Nutshell,” because I hope to keep the updates concise, while also continually reminding ourselves that sometimes the best outcomes and partnerships start with just a seed of an idea. Besides, it’s a nice play on “Buckeye.”  

I’ve shared information with our partners on our resources, testing, the daily health report, our leadership changes and how we are supporting students in quarantine and isolation housing. If you have ideas about topics you think would be helpful to our academic partners, please let me know; we are always looking for new content. 

You can read In A Nutshell online: 

We are stronger when working together, and I’m grateful to our academic partners for their Scarlet and Great support of Ohio State students. In a Nutshell enhances our collaborative efforts.