Today's Update: Sunday, March 15

March 15, 2020

Dear Student Life Team:
As we look to the start of a new week, an unprecedented second Spring Break week, I want to continue to encourage and offer support to you. I know everything is changing so rapidly, and I want you to know we are all in this together.
As many of you probably know, Governor DeWine made another important announcement this afternoon that included the temporary closure of restaurants, with the exception of delivery and pick-up. We will adjust our dining operations accordingly in order to comply and maintain dining services for our students and others who are, and will be, on or near campus.  Currently, we are anticipating the locations to be the Ohio Union, Berry Café (in Thompson Library), Terra Byte Cafe (in the 18th Avenue Library), Prior Café (on the medical campus) and RPAC locations. We will obviously adapt this as we know more about final locations of on-campus residents and any other facility impacts.
Another important announcement today was from President Drake to our residential students, confirming that the university will provide an appropriate prorated refund of housing and dining to those departing by Sunday, March 22. More details will be shared with students next week. 
Move-out is still going well and will continue through the week. Thanks again to everyone contributing to this and all other efforts.
No matter what comes our way next week and in those coming, please know that we will continue to respond together as a team. As always, thank you for being Scarlet and Great.
With appreciation,