Today's Update: Monday, September 14

September 14, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, One of the most proven ways to reach and influence students is through other students. The peer-to-peer approach has been shown to be effective in a variety of topics and settings. 

The research is clear: Peers are perceived as able to identify and understand (Lockspeiser, O’Sullivan Teherani, & Muller, 2008); Peer influence may be stronger than that of teachers, parents or experts (Mellanby, Rees, & Tripp, 2000); and Peer educators provide effective help when given training and support in interpersonal communication and relationship skills (Daniels & Ivey, 2007; Terrion & Leonard, 2007). And these are just some of the studies.  

We make great use of peers in Student Life. From the Commuter Mentors through Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services to the nationally recognized Scarlet and Gray Financial program in the Student Wellness Center, the peer-to-peer model is effective at significantly improving the lives of our students.  

It’s also the premise behind our latest initiative, the Together As Buckeyes Ambassador program. Spearheaded by the Student Life Student Wellness Center, we are actively recruiting student leaders to support our community by providing fellow students with guidance around safe and healthy behaviors.  

The Ambassadors will work to safely and strategically engage in dialogue with their peers regarding the importance of following the institution’s health and safety guidelines, specifically: mask-wearing, physical distancing and proper cough/hand hygiene. 

It’s modeled after a number of successful peer education programs across the nation and has been designed specifically to educate and empower students about healthy decision-making through helpful and non-threatening exchanges.  

If you know of students who would be great in this role, they can check out this story on our Student Life website:, or get in touch with the Student Wellness Center’s Michaela Martin at  

The Together as Buckeyes Ambassador program is a Scarlet and Great way to encourage our students to be safe and healthy for our entire community.