Today's Update: Monday, October 19

October 19, 2020

Dear Student Life Team, We are continually balancing the support we give our students with the need to provide as safe and healthy an environment as possible. As you know, we had prohibited our student organizations from coming together in-person then relaxed the restrictions on small gatherings. Now, however, we believe it is possible to ease those restrictions a little further to allow orgs to hold small in-person events.

We have sent a message to student organizations that outlines the opportunities. Highlights include:

  • Allowing in-person events of 10 or fewer to occur on-campus both outdoors and indoors
  • Permitting tabling activities, where organizations set up space to distribute items and information
  • Requiring that the organization responsible for planning the event confirms its risk mitigation details as part of the space reservation process 

We will monitor activities and pause at any time if there are safety violations or other reasons we may need to reevaluate.

This change only applies to the current semester. We will re-evaluate and reassess the situation for spring.

You can see this is not a huge leap, but a small incremental step toward permitting some events that benefit the entire campus community. There will continue to be strict rules to manage the spread of COVID-19, including the limit of 10 or fewer people and the requirement of all participants to wear masks and remain physically distant.

We will take no action that puts the community in danger. However, with everyone’s diligence and commitment to following the health mandates, I believe this step will allow our student organizations a bit of flexibility that will assist with overall student engagement. And that is Scarlet and Great.