Today's Update: Monday, March 30

March 30, 2020

Dear Student Life Team: 

All too often in our drive to improve, both personally and professionally, we focus on “what could I have done better.” I regularly see that in myself. Not that wanting to do better is a bad thing, but it means we tend to pay more attention to the negative. 

We also need to celebrate the positive, especially now with plenty of uncertainty in this strange new world we’re in. First, we can learn as much from focusing on the good as focusing on the less than perfect. In addition, it puts us in a mindset that looks for the positive, which is always a healthy approach. Celebrating success can be a powerful motivator for continued success as well. And sharing that success is good for the whole team.  

Today, I want to celebrate the success of the Ohio Union. It opened 10 years ago yesterday and has lived up to every aspect of the promise and excitement it stirred on that March day in 2010. Even in my short time here, I recognize that it is far more than a building. It is home to our current students, a place our alumni love to return home to and the place where ideas come alive. It is the heartbeat of student engagement and involvement at Ohio State. It is the university’s living room.  

I miss going there every day to work, but know that this crisis won’t last. I miss the energy of the Ohio Union, and I miss seeing all those people getting their picture taken with Bronze Brutus (yes, I had my photo taken on that bench before I even started).  

There are a couple things you might want to read as we celebrate the Ohio Union’s 10th birthday. One is a column by Ohio Union Operations and Events Director Jeff Pelletier. Another is a piece written by Student Life Assistant Vice President Tracy Stuck.

Happy Birthday, Ohio Union. The successes within your walls are worthy of a celebration.