Today's Update: Monday, March 22

March 22, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, We have the second of the university’s Instructional Breaks next week.   

Wednesday, March 31, and Thursday, April 1, have been set aside as days free from classes, assignments and most meetings. The breaks were designed with student wellness in mind, to give them an opportunity to relax and recharge heading into the end of the semester. These days are especially important because the traditional spring break isn’t practical or safe this year.  

Student organizations are urged not to hold meetings during these two days, and we, as Student Life team members, should try not to schedule meetings with students then, either.  

Students aren’t the only ones who need this break. We need to take this a step further and pause ourselves. These are difficult times for our Student Life team, personally and professionally, and consciously devoting these two days to our own well-being is important. 

I encourage you to leave this break free of all but the most essential, mission-critical meetings. I’m asking this of you now, to give you time to rethink and reschedule whatever you might have on your calendar.  

I realize that not everyone can take a break, including our residence life, environmental services, dining and facilities teams among others. I am Scarlet and Grateful for their continued dedication to keeping our students safe and healthy.  

Use the time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself, in whatever way works for you. Students aren’t the only ones facing a push to the end of the semester, and we have the added responsibility of being deep into planning for the summer and fall, as well.  

Take a deep breath and center yourself. It will help us be ready to carry on our Scarlet and Great work.