Today's Update: Monday, March 15

March 15, 2021

Dear Student Life Team, In recent years, Student Life has led large-scale events to pack meals for those with food insecurity in Ohio. If you’ve been involved, or seen the videos, you know these have been high-energy events that brought people together to do good.  

This year, the logistics of the event are changing because of COVID-19 restrictions, but the goals remain the same: Energize students to be philanthropic and feed the hungry. 

This month, Student Life and Kind Columbus are collaborating with the Kids Around the World organization for a creative, pandemic-safe, food packing event called “Pack at Your House.” It will result in the delivery of more than 120,000 meals to some of the most under-resourced areas of Ohio.  

This project is funded through a grant by Kind Columbus at the Columbus Foundation. 

Today, Student Life team members are assembling pallets of rice, beans, dried vegetables and flavoring, as well as packing equipment, to be delivered to the “Pack at Your House” locations. The packaging will take place at 10 university approved fraternity and sorority houses, the Knight House (four groups) and Scholarship East and West House (eight groups).  

Each food and packing pallet will be delivered this Thursday and Friday to these locations. The students will be packing in groups of up to 10 and each group will pack 7,770 meals. They will have all weekend to complete the project, and the university will pick up the food pallets on Monday, March 22, which is also the Ohio State Day of Giving.  

The timing is not a coincidence. The Day of Giving is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the people at Ohio State who are working tirelessly to solve complex problems. Gifts help combat COVID-19, empower our students through scholarships and support, protect our environment, address social injustices and so much more.   

The food will be delivered on March 24 via the official Ohio State Football equipment truck owned by Ken Blair. Student Life team members will be joined by staff with OSU Extension to deliver the assembled meals to non-profits in the high food insecurity counties of Scioto, Pike and Jackson.   

This is a Scarlet and Great way to be the change in our communities.